Tour Dates

01 Nov 2014 Hilversum, NL 3FM 3FM
05 Nov 2014 Rotterdam, NL RTV Rijnmond RTV Rijnmond
10 Nov 2014 Hilversum, NL Radio 1 Radio 1
12 Nov 2014 Hilversum, NL Radio 6 Radio 6
14 Nov 2014 Kootwijk, NL BNR Radio BNR Radio
28 Nov 2014 Einighausen, NL LKZH LKZH Buy ticket - €12,50
10 Jan 2015 Nieuwendijk, NL Xinix Xinix Buy ticket
14 Jan 2015 Amsterdam, NL Sugarfactory Sugarfactory
16 Jan 2015 Apeldoorn, NL Gigant Gigant Buy ticket
24 Jan 2015 Nijmegen, NL Merleyn Merleyn Buy ticket - €10
06 Feb 2015 Leeuwarden, NL Asteriks Asteriks Buy ticket

Past Shows

25 Oct 2014 Utrecht, NL EKKO EKKO
23 Oct 2014 Amsterdam, NL Melkweg Melkweg

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TenTemPiés is an international collective of musicians based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their music is a powerful and innovative blend of flavours, mixing Latin Rock with Reggae and Ska with an Amsterdam twist: Damsko Mestizo!

Written by Maurino Alarcón and his band, their characteristic music is inspired by political issues and social injustice worldwide, adding a deeper layer to their festive performances. Maurino’s parents, both Chilean, fled from the coup d’etat by the Pinochet regime and arrived in The Netherlands as political refugees in 1973. Growing up in Amsterdam, he is nevertheless strongly influenced by music and art inspired by progressive artists from Chile and Latin America, like Victor Jara, Quilapayun, Inti-Illimani and Silvio Rodriguez.

Shortly after their formation in 2008 the band manages to build a strong live reputation, being compared to acts such as Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello, Ska-P and La Pegatina. Since the release of their well-received debut album ‘Canto Para Gritar’ (2011), TenTemPiés has been on the road almost non-stop. After their club tour an extensive festival season follows in 2012 as well as shows in Germany, France and Spain. In March 2013 the band crosses the ocean for a tour through Chili, back to their musical roots. Upon returning in Amsterdam, TenTemPiés release their EP ‘A Casa Tierra’, including a remix by award-winning Dutch composer/producer Perquisite.

2014 welcomes the band with lots of new highlights, such as a tour in China and shows at festivals like Down The Rabbit Hole, Zwarte Cross, Gentse Feesten and Into The Great Wide Open. “They proved it at Paaspop, but TenTemPiés is a sure thing at any festival. Euphoric performance!” (3VOOR12). After the release of single ‘Quiero Saltar’ in June the band receives much airplay. End of July TenTemPiés tours across Europe in collaboration with their sponsor O’Neill.

On October 24 the new full-length album ‘Rebelucionario’ will finally be released, produced by Dutch reggae icon Pieter Both (BEEF!). With this latest project TenTemPiés is fully focused to bring their music and message even further, from The Netherlands to Europe and beyond.

Maurino Alarcón
vocals, guitar
Jouke Schwarz
electric guitar
Nathan Klumperbeek
Remco Menting
Miguel Padron

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TENTEMPIÉS | Maurino Alarcón